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WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS                                          Top

Book: Victoria Bryan , Don Lafoon, Ron Creager
Music and Lyrics: Ron Creager
Daddy's Girl sung by Toni Lamond
Footlights sung by Toni Lamond
When The Bough Breaks  sung by Toni Lamond, Meta Lyons (Rosen) and cast

Produced by STOP-GAP, a drama therapy troupe based in Orange County, CA, When The Bough Breaks... is based on true stories collected from workshops at the Orange County shelter for abused and neglected children.  Through the main character, Liz, we follow her journey from being a ‘victim’ to becoming a 'survivor’ of incest.



SHADOW AND SONG                                          Top

Book: John Weston
Music and Lyrics: Ron Creager

This is a new script to accompany most of the original music from When the Bough Breaks... (some new numbers have been added) and was first presented in 1989 at The South Coast Repertory Theatre in Costa Mesa, California.  Produced by STOP-GAP and starred Sharon Murray (Harrah)



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THE BUTTERFLY                                                            Top

Book: Bijan Mofid
Music and Lyrics: Ron Creager

The Butterfly is Mofid’s English adaptation and expansion of his very popular Persian play, Shaparak Khanoom.  The play follows a young butterfly (Bonnie Ebsen) as she encounters odd, hysterical and sometimes dangerous characters lurking in the dark barn in which she is trapped.  Through these life changing circumstances, she finally finds her way to the ‘light’ she has so desperately been seeking.

Cast: Bonnie Ebsen bullet Ross Graham bullet Joe Marinelli bullet Louisa Abernathy bullet Jason Mudaliar bullet Jennifer Qualls bullet Robert Knapp bullet Stephen Barber bullet Ron Terbush bullet Anne-Marie Johnson bullet Rick Hull
Keyboards: Kiki Ebsen.



  MADONNA AND CHILD                                                   Top

Book and Lyrics: Tony Sheldon
Music: Ron Creager
I Did My Best sung by Lamond and Sheldon

Written by Tony Sheldon for himself and his mother, Toni Lamond, and to accompany and cover costume changes, I was the third member of the cast. Madonna and Child had a successful run at the Off Broadway Theatre in Sydney and later a two week run in Melbourne at the Victoria Arts Centre.  The following year a revised version was presented by New Moon Productions in a Queensland tour under the new title, Return Engagement.

  CAREFUL, HE MIGHT HEAR YOU                                    Top

Book and Lyrics: David Sale
Music; Ron Creager

Wonderful Men In My Life (reprise)
recorded live in Canberra
sung by Bronwyn Sullivan

Wouldn't Be Dead For Quids
sung by Donna Lee and Dale Burridge

Dear One
recorded live in Canberra
sung by Jordan Prosser

sung by Donna Lee and Dale Burridge

Tit For Tat
recorded live at the backers' audition
sung by Carol Raye

recorded live in Sydney
sung by Simon Burke

The Kindness Of Strangers
recorded live in Canberra sung by Bronwyn Sullivan

Winter Kind Of Summer
sung by Toni Lamond
This track is also included on Bayview Records' release,
Musicals From the Land of Oz

CAREFUL, HE MIGHT HEAR YOU was a best-selling novel by New York-based Australian writer Sumner Locke Elliott. It became one of the ground-breaking Australian movies of the 1980's. Then, composer RON CREAGER (music) and DAVID SALE (book and lyrics) turned the property Into a stage musical which had its world premiere in Canberra in October 1999 with a Pro-Am company led by Australian show-biz icon Toni Lamond. On that occasion, legendary Broadway director/ producer HAROLD PRINCE,  a longtime supporter of the project, said: "I've spent a lot of time in Australia, and I kept wondering why an original indigenous musical hadn't emerged. CAREFUL could be the one. I'd love to see how it fares, because I think this is a worthy project, adapted expertly from Sumner's novel."

It fared well. Audiences - and critics - loved it.

CAREFUL, HE MIGHT HEAR YOU is set in Sydney, 1935. It's the story of two sisters fighting over custody of a little boy, the son of a third sister who died giving birth to him. Lila and her husband George have cared for the boy since he was born. Now, Vanessa, a West End musical comedy star, has ditched her career for reasons of her own to return to Australia and claim the boy - called PS by his mother as the post-script to her life. Vanessa's presence and claim to part-custody of PS chills the homely Lila even in the midst of a hot Australian summer......hence, A Winter Kind of Summer.


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  TANGLED WEBB'S                                                         Top

Book and lyrics: Gary Brumburgh
Music: Ron Creager

Girl That Everybody Loves To Hate
Evil Satyrica tells her plot
demo sung by Helen Reddy

There Is Someone
The two love birds meet at the prom
demo sung by Cassandra Byram and Ray Saar

It's The Trivials
Haughty Mrs. Van Pelt gives advice
demo sung by Toni Lamond

Love Please Hurt Me Again
Masochistic druggie Billie Darvon pines for love
demo sung by Sharon Murray (Harrah)

How Can I Mend Your Broken Heart?
Lovelorn Steve's dilemma
demo sung by Gary Brumburgh

One More Week
sung by Meta Lyons (Rosen), Gary Brumburgh and Doug Dupuy
*The love triangle is about to collide!

demo sung by Gary Brumburgh and Doug Dupuy
*Two patriarchs compare wives and lovers

Let Life Shine On
The happy villagers sum it all up
demo sung by entire cast

The ever-entwining saga of the Webb family… their friends, their foes and their fate. Tangled Webb’s is light-hearted soap opera, a wacky musical comedy pushed to high limits, an irreverent spoof of all the shows we’ve seen on daytime TV:  All My Children, Days of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful.

AIMEE (work in progress)                                               Top

Book and Lyrics: Tina Tessina
Music: Ron Creager
And You Say I Can
sung by Barbara Creager
Building on a Rock
sung by Lynda Ramona and Family

A woman falls in love with God and discovers she is unable to successfully love anyone else.

A gospel-inspired musical based on the life of flamboyant California evangelist, Aimee Semple McPherson.  The show begins in Aimee’s early 20’s with her rise from a hand-to-mouth itinerant tent-show preaching circuit existence and follows her cross-country from Florida to California.  We see Aimee’s career expand until she builds the spectacular Angeles Temple in Los Angeles and becomes an international personality on radio and newsreels as well as crusading throughout America, Europe and China.  Aimee becomes involved in the still never solved mystery of her apparent drowning, only to turn up two weeks later saying she had been abducted.  Was she kidnapped or did she run off with her handsome radio announcer?  Furthering the drama, Aimee is engaged with a love/hate relationship with her mother.  They begin as partners and end as rivals.  Through all her personal turmoil, however, Aimee repeatedly returns to her call to preach the Gospel.  Since her death and spectacular funeral at the Temple, she remains a fascination public leader whose charisma and influence mesmerizes thousands.


  mp3 Samples                                                                 Top

Every Gift Is Love
Lyrics: Tina Tessina  Music: Ron Creager
sung by Helen Reddy
*This track has never before been released
and is now available in the Music Store

Music/Lyrics: Ron Creager
*This song has been recorded and performed by several singers.  This montage includes Tim Draxl, Toni Lamond,
and Shaun and Matt Rennie.

Click here
to see Shaun and Matt Rennie's performance of
Family at the “Light The Night” concert at Angel Place, Sydney

What's A Girl Supposed To Do?
Lyrics: Tony Sheldon Music: Ron Creager
* from ‘Dancin' Man'. staring David Atkins
Live performance sung by Tina Arena, Kelly Aykers and Carrie Green

Get Yourself an Act
Lyrics: Tony Sheldon, Music: Ron Creager
Sung by Toni Lamond and Tony Sheldon
* Written for and excerpted from a live performance at the
2002 Sydney Cabaret Convention

Bruce the Olympic Flame
Music: Ron Creager
'*1994 Olympics Radio promotion featuring Michael Airington

Film Music
Tropical Theme
Love Theme
Scary Theme
Music: Ron Creager

Put on the Mask
Music and Lyrics: Ron Creager
sung by Sharon Murray (Harrah)
*From An Act In Three Parties
recorded live at San Diego Repertory Theater

You Get What You Want the Most
Music and Lyrics: Ron Creager,
sung by Sharon Murray (Harrah)
*From An Act In Three Parties
recorded live at San Diego Repertory Theater

The Place That I'll Call Home
Lyrics: Toni Lamond and Tony Sheldon
Music: Ron Creager
sung by Toni Lamond
*This track is from Toni's CD Still A Gypsy and is
available in the Music Store

I Guess I'll Have To Learn To Be In Love
Lyrics: Tina Tessina Music: Ron Creager
demo sung by Meta Lyons (Rosen)