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Welcome to my website. This recollection of my musical career is as much for me to remember what I've done as it is for anyone else (you?) who might be interested in knowing.

From the beginning, as a musician, I've always just said "Yes", whether I was prepared or not. This cavalier (fool hearty?) attitude has afforded me to wear many precarious musical hats and travel the world extensively. As an example, one afternoon I got a call from Helen Reddy asking, "Wanna go to Poland?". Per usual, I said "Yes" and the next day was flying to Gdansk with all her charts in my lap, trying to learn the music. That night we were the closing act for the SOPOT Festival and televised to all of Eastern Europe and I had to lead a Polish band who'd never heard her songs and didn't speak English. In spite of all this, it was a successful concert, but only just! Here you'll find a comprehensive chronicle of my other musical misadventures.

While you're here, be sure and take advantage of the free downloads of my solo piano albums as well as the religious recordings I made with soloist, Barbara Creager, my mother.

It's been a long and productive journey. I've had the wonderful opportunity to compose several musicals as well as special material which has been recorded and also aired on national TV, I've been musical director for numerous international performers, produced and musically directed albums for Sony, and in between, I've supported myself as a solo pianist at hotels, restaurants, international festivals and aboard many cruise lines.

Although it might be ill-advised, I highly recommend just saying, "Yes!"

ron creager